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Do you see the reason why you should not take rural girls to cities. Look what they are doing

There are some of the things we won't change even if we try to force them, one has to acknowledge his or her weaknesses to avoid embarrassing herself or himself.


Certain things are not meant to all of us, the sooner we accept that the better we gonna live a happy life. Just this morning when a young man complain about his rural girlfriend, a girl just don't understand modern life, whenever she tries to cook food, they got burned.

The main problem she doesn't want to accept is that she is not used to that kind of life, she refuses when her husband wants to find a helper who will assist her at home with many things. Due to a lack of trust and loyalty, she thinks her husband wants to cheat or marry a second wife.

Indeed love is blind and love can be painful sometimes, love is patient and love doesn't hurt anyone. A young man still believes that 9ne day she will adapt and be like city girls. It's been almost 5 years now they stay together and there are no changes.

A young man needs advice if he should whether take her home or forced to find a helper for her. Please leave some advice for him. According to your opinion do you think he should take her home or find a helper?

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