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Good news-the EFF has laid charges

The region opened the games field in Lesseyton, northwest of Komani, once known as Queenstown, only weeks before the neighborhood government decisions. 


It got a reaction over the office, which is intended to have soccer and rugby match-ups, with many scrutinizing the sticker price appended to it. 

In an assertion, the Eastern Cape EFF gathering said the games field was a fundamental office without anything to legitimize the large numbers of rand spent on its development. 

"There are glaring indications of illegal tax avoidance and defilement in the whole undertaking, and we have shared the criminal equity framework with examining and uncover reality," the party asserted. 

The EFF called attention to that the district has been in a monetary emergency, saying the examiner general had recently raised alert with regards to the ridiculing of the Public Finance Management Act and the breakdown of inside monetary controls in the region. 

While trying to put any misinformation to rest, the region said it lamented the manner in which the games field was at first divulged via web-based media in light of the fact that "negligible subtleties" were given. 

It said development work on the games office started in March 2020 after a natural effect appraisal supported by the division of financial turn of events, ecological issues and the travel industry, which approved the task. 

"Further examinations were likewise directed to decide the appropriateness of the site to be formed into a games field with related constructions, which incorporate study, geotechnical and geohydrological tests." 

Specifying its use, the region said the cash was spent on the accompanying: 

Erection of 780m of palisade fencing 

Development of rugby and soccer field (site clearing, layering of grounds) 

Rock impacting — as the space was supposedly basically made of hard rock 

Removal and evening out of grounds 

Bringing in base layers, soil and grass 

Games track 

14 showers 

Change rooms 

Borehole boring 

Sewer framework with septic tank 

Electrical establishment 


Steel grandstands 

"The region has made this interest in the country town on the side of sports exercises nearby. This is pointed toward giving the local area, particularly youth, an office that will fill in as an appropriate playing ground to benefit more than six towns. The people group has a rich history in the sport and has additionally delivered an expert soccer player which the district prides itself of," it said.EFF lays charges against Enoch Mgijima local municipality over multimillion-rand sports field (

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