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Watch: Cop Who Killed 6 Relatives Makes Peace Signs In Court

Mzansi was taken aback by a cop's claimed order to assassinate six family members who posed for photographers to photograph her in court.

One particularly memorable position was when she mimicked gangster gestures and began asking the media if they wanted to photograph her again.

The cop appears completely unconcerned about anything is going on, leading many to infer that she is either mentally ill or is feigning mental illness in order for the court to be gentle with her.

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is scheduled to appear in Palmridge Magistrate Court on charges of murdering six family members.

Nomia Ndlovu is also charged with plotting the killings of her mother and sister in exchange for insurance benefits.

However, many are unsure whether the cop is normal, as she appears to be quite comfortable and unafraid of cameras for someone who murdered people. MniSii/status/1437680154126475268?s=19.

"This is very heartbreaking. She acts and behaves as if she had not orchestrate the assassination of six of her loved ones."

"I'm guessing she's hoping to avoid jail time by claiming mental illness. It's something that a lot of people are doing these days "Several people argued.

However, many have warned that even if the cop feigns mental illness in court, her intentions would fail since a mental evaluation will reveal she is not.

"The strategy will fail. She will be evaluated mentally by psychologists/psychiatrists, who will see through any deceptions. She will be declared healthy and capable of standing trial."

"However, regardless of how skilled an actor you are, you cannot influence your psychological evaluation. She may be putting on a show right now, but she cannot control the evaluation if it has not yet occurred.

If anything, it will draw attention to her selfish and manipulative tendencies."

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