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Video : Mlazi Club Goers Are Breathing Fire After SAPS Did This Last Night

A concerned South African citizens was asking if there is now a curfew in Mlazi after seeing a group of police going inside a club and forcing everyone to lie on the ground. This incident may seem funny to other people but it isn't because other people's rights are being violated by the actions of the police. There was no reason for the police to just enter that pleasant in a straight people who were inside. It is not clear why the police went in such a manner and why they were so many and even well equipped indicating that they are ready to fight.

Since that area is a crime hub it can be assumed that police received a tip-off and decided to act on the information, there are high possibilities that the club owner or people who go to that club are criminals there for police had to go and find out where they are and who they are. Mlazi is one of the hot spots for crime criminals drugs and guns. Therefore people should understand that police need to do their job but of course the police are not supposed to push people roughly and even go as far as beating them up.

Some of those people are not even aware of whatever that is happening in that club therefore the police have no reason to mistreat them. As much as police are acting on information or looking for certain people they must also ensure that they do not violate people's rights in the process. The way they entered that place you would swear it is a group of criminals that were planning to attack the owner of the club or a specific person in the club but surprisingly it was police which made everyone even wonder why they are doing such a thing.

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