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Painful || She Ran Away From Home And Left This Painful Message That Left People In Tears, See

Date : 07 December 2021

Community members in Qwaqwa in Phuthaditjaba at Eastern Cape are in search of a sixteen years old who ran away from her home with her child who is four months old. She has been missing for days and they are not getting any luck in finding and right now they are so very depressed. Apparently she was not being treated fairly by her father and stepmother that she has been staying with since her mother passed away. It turns out her father tends to always take the side of her stepmother everytime even when did nothing wrong. When she left she left a note for her family giving details why she is running away.

In the note she left she revealed that her stepmother does not love and her child that is why she she saw it fit that she runs away because there is no peace. It was also revealed that both the father and stepmother used to rub it in her face that she had a child at the age of 16 years. She left so that she could start a new life where she will be happy and asked the family not to look for her. It is alleged that she is in Gauteng and they do not even know where to start looking for her.

This is really painful for the family as they do not know where she is at the moment and whether she is eating or not. This should send a message to many parents to stop judging their daughters because they had children at a young age. Instead of judging them daily they can help them to accept what happened and a little support from them always help.It will also help them to be certain with their lives and not end up being depressed. What is your view on this?.

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