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South Africans rea ts to a woman who hosted a tea party for her forefathers, check details

A South African woman went against all odds and did something extremely unusual. The woman whose Twitter handle is @Thandzzzz04 caused a lot of stir on social media and many believed her to be a sangoma.

While other users complemented and protected her others criticised her deeds. In the images she posted on Twitter the woman is dressed in a red traditional attire while having tea next to a stream.

Langelihle Ntsizwa ka Mashiyamahle


Hosted a tea party for my ancestors and a play date with my water spirits.

Let's look at people's reactions below.

Now! For you next is to be born again! Embrace Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Saviour @XolaniDexoks

Why is half of south African youth becoming sangomas @Tsushi

I'm just asking out of curiosity, what happens to the tea? Do you leave it there or does it just evaporate right in front of your eyes? @Bongani

Gogo When I Get Near A stream or river my body just freezes or I can feel the water from very far I just don't understand what's happening whenever I get near the water 😔 @Tshego

You are just scared of water my man, the next thing you will be telling us that it is the ancestors and you have a gift. @Sydney

Even the ancestors go out on dates and not me. @Okuhle

So did they come through to drink the tea ? @Neox

No need to be mean. Does your Jesus come and collect the offering money himself or your crooked pastor uses it to buy himself luxuries of this world. @Nesbert

The way the young generation of traditional healers has fashioned this well respected ancestral gift, is a shame. Imagine taking cellphones with you to the rivers so that you can take pictures and posts. I'm from a family of traditional healers and l am embarrassed @Moroka

This is how South Africans reacted to the date Thandzzz04 had with her forefathers, you can also react in the comment section. Please follow me for more interesting and unique content.


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Langelihle Ntsizwa Mashiyamahle South African South Africans


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