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Mzansi reacts to a white man in a taxi: “Is he a passenger or a conductor?”

(Source: - @NunguSompisi)

Taxis are regarded as the most utilized form of public transport in South Africa. After all, not everyone can afford to have their private cars. On top of that petrol prices keeps on rising which makes it difficult for people to buy cars as they become too much of a burden to bear in their lives. As we all know that many people battling to put food on the table due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to the high unemployment rate. 

Either way, people have things to do every day and that might need them to vacate their houses to have their essentials met. In most cases, public transport is what’s available for many people within Mzansi, despite their race. Now, a picture of a white man in a taxi has been making its rounds within Twitter. Unfortunately, it has left many people confused as they didn’t whether he was a passenger or a conductor. The picture was shared by @NunguSompisi who started conversations within Twitter, as he captioned it: “Los Angeles, uyahamba Mama? [are you leaving Mom?].” This was funny to many people as they felt that the question was familiar, especially to everyone that utilized public transport. 

The post gained a lot of attraction on social media as it had over 530 comments, 3290 retweets and 17400 likes. What was intriguing within the comment section was that tweeps were asking if the taxi goes to a certain place. Meanwhile, other individuals were making fun of the whole picture which has now turned into a meme. 

@thabomaphhosa said, “Iyafika eThe Bronx.”

@Larniie_m said, “California, ohamba yedwa.”

@heart_totem said, “Driver cela ukusala after Big Ben eLondon an ichange yami ishota ngo R1.”

@MaocuaneD said, “Sorry celubuza… amatexi ayeDubai agibelwaphi?”

@gaselanonto said, “The comments are killing me wasenza usisi wase Los Angeles enoSiyaya.”

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Date: 21/10/2021

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Mzansi NunguSompisi


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