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All Taxis Including Uber, Bolt Must be Operated by South Africans - KingJosh Says.

The tension existing between taxi drivers of foreign origin and local South African drivers is growing beyond control and this had led to a serious fracas in some cities yesterday.

You would recall that Uber, Bolt taxi drivers protested in Palmridge yesterday due to the injustice meted on them by their South African local taxi counterparts.

This situation has prompted a South African man known as KingJosh to state that taxi industry is naturally owned by black South Africans so therefore no other foreign company like Uber or Bolt will dispossess them of that.

He urged the government to exclude foreigners from operating taxi companies in the country.

According to his statement on Twitter:

"The Black SAns are naturally the Owners of the Taxi Industry. And no one is going to change that. The Uber, Bolt and all Ehailing must be Operated by Sans. All Foreigners must be excluded from driving Ehailing. It is unlawful for a foreigner to drive Uber"

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