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“Burn It Down” -House In Which Teenage Girls Are Sold To Nigerians Has Been Identified; Mzanzi React

With heavy hearts, the world has been watching and listening to video footage and audio recordings from Parklands, Cape Town, where a young woman tells her mother and a nurse how she and her friends have engaged with Nigerian men in return for money, clothes and iPhones. 

The girl, only known as Asemahle, was caught by her mother and heard screaming hopelessly in the tape. Out of worry for her safety, she confessed to her companion how she and a Nigerian buddy would perform sexual services for R1 500 on the streets of Johannesburg, sometimes without any protection. 

While most people took to social media to air their grievances, a Cape Town entrepreneur named Luvuyo Jongile went to a police station to file a report against the unidentified offenders in order to bring justice to the girls. 

As reported by Luvuyo, a home where Nigerians are allegedly buying adolescent females has been located, along with a person of interest. Police stormed the house and were able to effectively identify the culprit, although it is not yet known if the individual has been detained. 

Perceptions of the General Public 

While the general public is glad that the suspect has been arrested, they demand that the house be burned to the ground. 

Police personnel and government officials are accused of receiving bribes from suspected criminals to avoid catching them in the act. 

In the author's own words: 

To protect their children, parents should talk to them about the vultures that are hiding around the corner and ready to pounce at any moment. Hoodlums should not be able to take advantage of the situation. 

Instead than focusing on who the suspect is, the public should focus on making sure the victims are ready for anything that might happen. Even if the perpetrator is apprehended or attacked by the locals, the abuse of young girls might continue to be perpetuated. 

Older men's advances on female students must be resisted.




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