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Theft robbery

EXPOSED|| 40 year old women allegedly impregnated herself with stolen Sperm on Condom - see how

Money makes the world go around and people would do anything to be rich. Some people become victims, while others always get what they want. Women are very smart when it comes to getting rich fast.

Some women become too desperate for money to a point where they end up selling their bodies. Other women do worse than that, they trap men in the worst way possible.

A 40 year old women allegedly impregnated herself because of desperation in order to get money from a millionair who was allegedly younger than her. The women did not have intercourse with the man but she did the most unexpected thing to herself pregnant for him.

She allegedly stole a condom that was used by the man on another women while she was cleaning. She inserted the semen into her Private Part and she fell pregnant. This women admitted that she had wished to have a child with a wealthy man and so she stole his semen.

It is unbelievable to see that this kind of desperation happens in most of women and most man end up being trapped. What's your take on this matter?? Please leave a comment below, like and share


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