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“Every SAns Has 8hrs To Sleep, 8hrs To Work” SA Man Demands Remaining Wasted 8hrs From ANC

'Blame ANC': A man wants eight hours a day to be "lost," and SA can relate. 

How similar are you? A man's complaint about how much time is lost between going to work and going to sleep went viral. 

Many people wake up, go to work, and then go home to sleep every day. Even though a lot of people have taken steps to make more time for themselves, working-class people still waste so much of their time that they can't believe it. One man recently made a lot of people laugh out loud when he went online to talk about how much he misses out on in life because he works and sleeps so much. 

Many locals could relate to what he was saying, and some even blamed the current ruling party for not making sure people have more time for themselves.


How often have you sat down and wondered where the time went because you didn't get much done? There are other people like you. 

Lee-Justin Timothy, a funny person who uses TikTok, recently went on the app to complain about how many hours he's been missing every day. 

In the funny clip, he says that he works eight hours and sleeps eight hours, which adds up to 16 hours. Then, since a day has 24 hours, he asks about the other eight. 

Clearly upset about losing time, he writes in the caption of his post: 

"Give me my eight hours!" 


A lot of people who commented on the post said that things like travel and traffic were making them feel like they didn't have enough time. 

Others said that the ANC was to blame because it didn't give people better jobs or more free time. 

@Kenaleone Ontlametse said: 

"So when do we start the movement to change the whole system? Because it's been ripping us off for too long." 

@CR3678219C said: 

"ANC decided that they liked corruption back then" 

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