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Young Man Wanted For Murdering His Girlfriend

A student at Khanyisa Nursing School in Johannesburg, Gauteng wasurdered by her boyfriend. This young man has basically murdered his girlfriend and he's on the Run trying to flee from the authorities, but what is curious with the fact that he is still using that girl's phone.

This is something that has made a lot of people very upset especially those who are very close to the girl because he seems to be pretending like she's still alive, but the Girl has suddenly died because of his actions now her family members are very concerned.

The authorities Are encouraging people to come forward and provide the information which can lead to the arrest of the suspect who is involved in this horrible crime, because they say something is definitely unforgivable.

And the fact that the tragedy was committed the way that it has is something that is causing a serious concern to many members of the public, the authorities are asking for information from the ordinary members of the public. Which may lead to the arrest of the suspect who was involved in this horrible crime, their classmate was killed by her boyfriend not sure about the time, because on Tuesday she was around the school.

The school granted them permission to spread this as far as they can, her name is Mukondeleli Ahuna. In this young lady had a bright future ahead of her she did not deserve to be murdered in Cold Blood by this man, who clearly seems to be very misguided and definitely not in the right state of mind.

The boyfriend is still on the run his name is Mudau Awelani , the guy is still using her phone sending messages to everyone who the deceased was communicating with except her classmate .

He must be found, woman are killed everyday let's stand together and fight please.

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