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Divorce Affair

When it rains it pours: Meike Maputla; Skeem Saam [Opinion]


Meike Maputla is fearless and a fighter but she has her fear of losing her husband.The thought of her losing John to someone else scares her.It is clear that John is her weakness no matter how strong she is but her weakness is her husband.She act as if she hasn’t forgiven him but at the same time she doesn’t want to lose him.Is it obsession or is it the fear of what will people say?The Maputla’s are known to be a reputable family that everyone wishes to be part of.

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It is true that never wish for something you do know.Not all that glitters is gold is the situation at the Maputla household isn’t something that someone can wish to go through.It’s not raining but pouring in the life of Meike everything seems to be not going according to her plans.For every action there consequences that one needs to face.Maybe Mieke is trying to avoid these consequences as a coping mechanism towards her current situation.

Photo Credit:Skeem Saam Twitter

Is her marriage to John worth saving or they are starting to be toxic for each other?Is splitting up or divorce a bad idea to the older generation?Leeto divorced his wife and made sure that He sticks to his decision, even when they tried to pursue him to stop the divorce process but he didn’t listen to them.See the link below:

Photo Credit:Skeem Saam Twitter

Every step that Meike takes it seems to be not fruitful.Eveidence is coming that can incriminate her and keep her in jail for years.How will she run away from this?One thing that is clear is that no one can run away forever.It looks like her money will not be able to rescue her from facing the consequences of her actions.

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