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Could This Be Witchcraft? Look What Hand Is Holding The Money Found In The Mountains

South Africans are upset about another event that makes them wonder why a monkey is holding the R10 in its hand.

People have already been told not to give out their own money as loans.

People are worried because this event seems to be caused by the same thing as the last one.

A lot of people who have been in this situation and talked about how scary it was have shared their thoughts.

A local homeowner found a monkey's hand holding a R10 bill, and he or she thinks it has something to do with witchcraft.

Sources say that this is done with witchcraft so that the person can never use their money again.

It's clear that the cursed person will always spend money carelessly and lose track of it.

People are told not to give money to other people with their hands, since this happens a lot.

Since you can't give them the money directly, you have to send it through the bank or give it to a third party who will give it to them.


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