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Theft robbery

KZN Women Traumatized After This Happened Last Night

Five women were often attacked by a group of 8 criminals who wanted to hijack them but failed to start the car, and ended up running on foot after stealing several items from the victims. It's so sad these women from their hard day at work going back home these ruthless thugs have no mercy stealing damaging their property. Bester robots is a no go zone for all especially woman and so late, please use industrial park route or 1 off ramp before Bester. Sad thing is that these thugs rob you and walk not run as no one will help, bystanders just look at you. Sorry ladies.

No one is going to save us or protect us. It's so sad, people blaming the victims for being in that area or stopping by the stop sign, we have lost our country to criminals and lawlessness. Bring back the death penalty, it is the only deterrent for crimes in the Country. Crimes have escalated in SA human lives is no longer respected or valued by these thugs, our ANC Government turns a blind eye all the time.

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Bester KZN SA


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