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Fikile Mbalula Grilled Again for This Tweet

These 2 centres opened their doors on 4 October 2021 since opening their doors, more than 700 appointments were made to access services. However, only 550 applicants honoured their appointments who were accordingly assisted to renew their driving licences ~ Fikile Mbalula

We are particularly concerned with the low number of motorists who are taking advantage of the extension of the validity period. Since the extension of the validity period, only 38 619 motorists have renewed their licences

Mbalula went on and say "We anticipate that these centres will be able to improve the capacity in Gauteng to process more renewals. The operationalisation of these centres has added 35,380 renewal slots per month and increased Gauteng capacity for renewal slots by 48%. The opening of these centres is a prelude to more services that will be introduced to streamline service delivery and improve efficiency. In the coming months, the electronic payment gateway on the online application platform will be operational. Unlike in other licensing centres and registering authorities, services in these new centres have been configured in such a way that the public will not experience long queues people are not happy about what these ANC ministers and their leaders are doing, because they have said a lot of confusion. How about making it so people can apply online. You claim to help the poor but how many people have to take more than 1 taxi or bus at 4am, just to get to the centre by 6 and even then they are late? They wait a whole day only to be told they must come back another day. More cost. The problem is not too few stations. The problem is that they are staffed with people who don’t have basic skills, aren’t motivated to perform, and who often are champions of corruption. Like almost all people in the ANC, your party and career

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Fikile Mbalula Mbalula This Tweet


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