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Road Accident

Watch: White Man Exposed a Drunk Police Officer After He Almost Killed 2 Ladies After This Happened

Discipline is something that shouldn’t be negotiated in a police force. A police officer ought to be disciplined for the sake of his dignity and the department as a whole. For the sake of respect, police are the most respected people, and their behavior should match the level of respect that they get from the public.



But recently, South African police have lost their dignity as a result of the things that they do. There was a trending video of a police officer who was found on the roadside very drunk in a way that he couldn’t even stand up. Other than that, there have been so many videos of exposed police who were caught doing things that leave people losing respect for them.


Just when we thought we had seen it all, there is a trending video of a police officer who almost killed people in a car accident because he was driving while he was drunk. This video was taken by a white man who was also involved in the accident. According to the report from a white man, the police were driving in a very reckless way and at an extreme speed. It was just fortunate that the white man noticed him early. That is why he managed to survive the accident together with the two ladies he was driving with.

The white man walked to the police van while taking a video to expose this officer. In the van there were two police officers who both looked so intoxicated. The one who was driving got out of the car and tried to stand, but it was so hard for him to maintain the balance because he was so drunk. He even went on to say that even if the white man takes the video, nothing will be done. It was just fortunate that no one was killed at the scene.


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After this video was posted on social media, many people were so disappointed at the South African police service. They are calling for the minister of police, Bheki Cele, to take this man’s license because his behavior does not fit to be a police officer. Some even went on to say this is what happens when you buy the job instead of going to training.

Recently, the dignity of the police has suffered so many embarrassments. It seems like nowadays, police don’t have the discipline like they had back then. The minister of police must make sure that this man gets a punishment that will also send a strong message to all the police out there because he’s bringing shame to the SAPS name.


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