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Mall Of Africa 999 Syndicate of thieves can take your money in 5 secs


Gone in 5 Seconds - How Mall of Africa 999 Thieves Syndicate Clears Your Bank Account in 5 Seconds 

The Mall of Africa should be a playground for the rich and rich, where money and jewelry are the talk of the town. What was intended to be a safe haven has become a hunting ground for wallets, con artists, con artists and kidnappers. 

Union 999 operates and is responsible for 95% of crime in and around the mall. The group has 27 members operating in 3 9-member groups, hence the name 999 Syndicate.

Each individual group is made up of pickpockets and technicians who are familiar with fraud technology, card cloning, and sophisticated cell phone unlocking technology.

To the surprise of many, these gangs operate with some of the mall's security guards, according to one of the union's 999 members. 

How does the union delete 999 the victims' bank accounts? 

Gangs not only know the victims, they take the time to study potential victims, their movements, and the valuable equipment or cash they carry with them. 

According to a former pickpocket, they focus on his weaknesses; Left-handed people tend to lose valuables that are kept in their right pocket, just as right-handed people lose possessions in and around their left side. 

"Focus and strength are focused on your stronger side, so they target your weaker side, in soccer it's called the blind side," he said. 

After pickpocketing, he changes hands more than 6 times in less than 1 minute until he reaches so-called hackers who hack into his bank account and erase any bank balance. 

In a recent incident, a Twitter user and influencer, Ayabulela Mahleza, shared how she lost her iPhone at the 999 Syndicate in the Mall of Africa. 

I was shopping at the Mall of Africa on Thursday, September 23, 2021. I had my cell phone in hand the entire time until I had to look for a specific item in the store. 

I put my cell phone in my bag, closed it and looked for the item. I got the item and went to checkout to pay. When I went to the checkout, someone else's iPhone rang in the store, so I thought it was mine and looked for it in my pocket, but couldn't find it. 

I was carrying a small shoulder bag with me, there really wasn't much space. I looked in the shopping cart, pulled out items, and thought they might have fallen, even though I knew I had put them in my pocket. At that moment it was a shock and a rejection because my phone was missing. 

I immediately ask the person whose iPhone is ringing to call my phone, it rings and there is no answer.

I went to the nearest ATM to block my card and then ran to the iStore so they can help me find my iPhone. We logged into my cloud and found that my iPhone was already disabled. 

How you are safe in the mall in Africa 

Only one way to protect yourself from these thieves is to shop in groups and avoid displaying high-quality equipment, avoid cash and crowded rooms at the mall, and be vigilant all the time .

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