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Road Accident

A vehicle crash hard to believe. A vibratory road roller crashed into a home as slow as it is

Things happen and they never cease to amaze. Pictures of a vibratory road roller which is the roller that do final levels on road construction in stumping whatever they were doing. As slow as that thing is, it crashed at home in Kgapane yesterday and it had a driver. That roller is so slow that it would take a lot for it to spiral out of the road and drive into a home and damage it like that while it has a driver.

The question now lies in what could have influenced the driver to not notice this and stop the roller as slow as it is. People think he had a lot of stress that made him lose focus and what happened happened. Some says maybe he was high on drugs or maybe drunk but they refuse to understand or agree that the driver of that roller was a sane driver who was fine and normal.

Below are pictures of the roller which crashed on a home.

Below is what people had to say about the accident.

What do you think? Is that thing fast enough to cause such? Please leave your reply In the comments section below, like and also share.

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