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The Government is Pushing 5G, Here's who will get it over the next 36 months.

5G is the fifth generation standard for cellular networks, it first emerged a while ago and since than governments have been trying to integrate it into their Countries. Our Government is no exception to this, as they have announced that they will be pushing 5G to get all South Africans online by 2024. However over the next thirty six months Icasa has installed social obligation to get these institutions connected.

Here's who will get it and the possible benefits:

The first being eighteen thousand and five hundred and twenty schools. Of course the benefits of this is obvious, giving high speed network to the youth will enable and empower them to learn more and possibly even become better leaders for the future. However I am concerned as to how those schools will be chosen and in which areas, as those plans were not made clear.

The second being five thousand seven hundred and thirty one clinics. This will enable doctors and nurses to communicate with each other faster and may even help doctors diagnose their patients faster.

The third being eight thousand two hundred and forty one traditional authority offices and the fourth being nine hundred and forty nine libraries.

My Opinion :

While I'm glad all these institutions are getting high speed networks, I find it strange that the smallest number of locations are libraries. Since these buildings are public and access is given to many people, shouldn't the goal be to get as many libraries as possible connected to 5G. That would seem like a simpler way to get all South Africans connected by 2024.

Hopefully the government assesses this and changes it, what do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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