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A lady posted her meal and people noticed this

A lady took to Twitter to post her meal that she intended to have before she got back to work and this sent shockwaves as people could not belive what was in her plate.

It is the month of January which is notorious for being the worst and longest month of the year as most people are broke due to December holidays spending spree.

It is the fire not unusual for people to have less appetizing and cheap meals due to budget constraints. Most often people joke about eating cabbage as opposed to the meat which they had in abundance in a December. This lady decided to have a less than expected type of protein.

In the post the woman share that she will be eating a little bit of protein before getting starting with work again, she refers to work as 011 this is the code of landline in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Entomophagy is the technical term which defines the eating of insects. Humans have harvested the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults of certain insect species from forests or other suitable habitats to eat for thousands of years.

Locust are said to contain 50 percent crude protein per 100g of dry locust, which makes them regarded as a highly healthy source of food for both humans and other animals. Desert locusts are members of the Acrididae family of grasshoppers.

Most locusts and grasshoppers have a pronounced nutty flavor when eaten raw, which is influenced by the greens they ate earlier which is generally grass.

If you wish to use these insects in a recipe, I recommend freezing them in a clean box, as they may jump out of your casserole otherwise, and you will find yourself chasing after your food which is one of the worst things that can happen to a hungry person.

Times are tough and pockets have run dry however this is one meal most I would prefer not to eat.

Here are some reactions from Twitter.

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