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EtvScandal|| Rorisang and Freddie were sleeping at Chillax because they had no place to stay

Lilly Juice scammed people their money and framed Rorisang. Now everyone demands their money from Rosrisang, they even went to where she stays to talk to her. Gloria did not want any drama so she kicked her and Freddy out of her house. They had no where to stay. Freddy suggested that they should go stay where homeless people live, they went and slept there and Rorisang was unhappy the following morning. She told him to look for a proper place for them to sleep in.

Freddy thought of Chillax. At night they both went to Chillax after they had closed, it was now their sleeping place. In the morning Ndumiso found people on the floor and when he tried to get a closer look, he found Freddy and Rorisang. He asked them why they were sleeping there and they told him the real reason they are homeless, indeed the truth shall set you free. Ndumiso is kind so he offered them the storeroom as their place to sleep and even breakfast to keep them warm and they were grateful.Source:

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EtvScandal|| Freddie Lilly Juice Ndumiso Rosrisang


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