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A Mpumalanga Mother lost her Four children in shack fire and was sent to hospital after this

We all know the pain of losing a loved one it could be your brother, patner or even parent. One Mpumalanga mother and her 17 year old son were left in a state of shock as they lost their two set of twins (two boys and two girls) in a shack fire at a informal settlement.

It is said that the mother of the set of twins aged eight and thirteen left them approximately 3 days ago in the guardiance of their 17 year old brother. It was on Monday morning that a fire broke out at their shack and the teen boy tried to get rescue his siblings but could not do so as the fire was at an advanced stage.

Police were called to the scene and on arrival they found that indeed there was a fire and response they called the fire extinguishers to the scene and the set of twins were declared dead.

It is suspected that illegal electrity connections might have caused the fire however this hasn't been confirmed. An investigation has since been launchedcand the mother and his son were sent to hospital as they were in a state of shock.


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