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An Elderly Couple Left Their Home For 24 Hours, This is What They Saw When They Came Back

The 24-hour absence of a South African couple and the subsequent return to a torn-apart home has left them devastated. Their attorney, Richard Spoor, claims that the couple departed because of the mine's boom, noise, and dust. Mine owners cheated Richard Spoor out of his home, he said. In his letter, he said, "My customers, an elderly couple, endured dust, blast damage, and noise from the nearby Tharisa mine for years. Also, they saw a farming community that had been doing well for a long time decline and eventually abandon the area. They relocated the farm since it had just been the target of an attack. Twenty-four hours later, this is where they call home. Since his client is a homeowner who is disturbed by the mine's noise and pollution, he approached the mine's owners about purchasing his home. The mine's owners declined, however, stating that the property was noteworthy. However, the proprietors of the mine ripped their house only 24 hours after the family had fled.

We have been working with Tharisa to try to get them to buy out their lease," the attorney explains. Once-productive farmland covering 17.5 hectares (ha), complete with a dwelling and other facilities. Tharisa agrees, but she adds that the neighborhood is not great and that your home needs work. The benefits don't outweigh the costs. One of Tharisa's main tactics thus far has been to acquire the minimum amount of land necessary for the mine's construction. Produce social and environmental circumstances that are unbearable in the area of the mine. 3. Acquire the rest of the land it requires from financially-strapped owners at rock-bottom prices. Perhaps the mining firm wants the land for free, and the evicted residents returned to find their home demolished and their roof ripped off along with all of their belongings and tiles. In response, many individuals pointed out that this is a tactic frequently employed by opportunistic corporate and mining owners who seek massive profits at any cost. There are many who believe the mine's owners should be held responsible for the unauthorized property destruction.


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