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Guy posted his place trashed by her girlfriend caused a stir on social media

People on social media reacted after seeing something who posted his place being trashed by her girlfriend. Here are some of the pictures that the individual posted after his house was trashed.

By looking at these pictures it is clear to see that the lady was very upset at whatever this individual did. He may have cheated on her or maybe broke up with her and that may have made her angry and she did this.

However the individual did not disclose what he did that may have angered the lady. People on social media had a lot to say about the incident, as some even advised the individual to go and get the lady arrested for what she did to his place.

The lady did not just trash the individual's place but also broke the windows of his car.

The individual however was very grateful that he was not at home when all of this occurred.

Looking at how the lady trashed the place it was great that the individual was not there, because if he was there maybe something horrible may have happened to him. It is clear that maybe the lady was not thinking straight before doing what she did, because she did not even think what the consequences of her action could be.

The individual could sue her for what she did or ever worse he could lay charges against her and she could be arrested for damaging this individual's property. It also looks like the lady trashed everything in the individual's home and to get back all those things would cost the individual lots of money.

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