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It Seems Like The Somalians Just Declared War Against Taxi Owners And The Police

Gqenerha is the place that is experiencing a certain terror caused by the Somalians, and now the police are involved. This whole situation started when a certain taxi drivers petrol bombed one of the shop owners car. The Somalians responded to burning 12 taxis. This has left a lot of people in terror, more especially when the Somalians started roaming the streets with big guns that most South African do not even have

Later that night some taxi drivers responded to this incident by burning some of the spaza shops owned by Somalians, but not a large number was reported as compared to the amount of taxis which Somalians have burnt. On the following day, the Somalians continued like nothing happened, they even erected their flag as they continued with their day like nothing happened and showing no signs of fear at all. You can click HERE to watch the video of the erected flag

Police are busy raiding some of the Somalians shops because of the heavy firearms they have displayed. But this is quite complicated if you come think of it, during the looting that happened over the past month in South Africa, the Somalians were displaying the same type of fire arms they are displaying right now, why didn't the police do anything then

Again, taxi associations in South Africa are known to be some of the most violent people, but why is it that they are not displaying that same violence towards the Somalians? Are they only violent toward each other, or they are just scared of the Somalians. This also brings us to this question, did the Somalians just declared war against taxi associations and the police?

The police tried to intervene in this situations, but still, the Somalians showed no signs of fear at all. On the a video that was shared on social, Somalians could be seen arguing with the police and one of these Somalians could be heard threatening to shoot a police officer. You can click HERE to watch that video




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