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A couple turned out a laughing stock after Mzansi noticed this, here is what was noticed

Most women dress to impress men. But in this situation, the woman looks as if she's feeling cold but the man is wearing a jacket. People are concerned about why he won't give the jacket to his woman.


"He probably told her to get her jacket and she said "nah, I am good." The man must give the girl's friend the jacket. She is feeling cold. While the man is putting the same worms in the lady, the coldness can kill her.

A kindless man

In fact, things have changed.Women like big things. Now the phone is too big for her and it's so heavy that it needs two hands to carry it. Not that she's feeling cold.


Note that this was just an independent woman who refused to cover her body; the assumption was that the man was jealous. One brought their jacket and another one didn't. There's nothing wrong with the picture.. Well, if ladies don't wear jerseys because they think jerseys mess up their looks, well, brave the weather then! She is busy checking what the guy is doing on the phone. Now she saw something that she was not supposed to see. Now she is stressed, "said a Facebook follower."





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