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Shared Photo Of Young Couple Causes Massive Reactions After This Was Spotted

A photo shared by a personal facebook page identified as Lolu Quotes have casued massive reactions after a strange but true caption was spotted at the head of the post.

The rate at which news and information travels through social media platforms is crazy and large audiences can be reached in just minutes. According to the caption of the post, the photo is self explanatory as a young boy insists on frustrating his friend's effort to fornicate with his female friends.

The number of teenage mothers in South Africa's most populous Gauteng province has increased by 60 percent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Save the Children concerned about the well-being of mothers and babies.

New data from the Gauteng Ministry of Health shows that between April 2020 and March 2021, more than 23,000 girls under the age of 18 were born - including 934 under 14 - compared to 14,577 girls under 14, aged 19 and under, who gave birth early. in the same season.

Home to more than 15 million people, a quarter of South Africa's population, Gauteng includes the country's largest city, Johannesburg, and its administrative capital, Pretoria.

Early pregnancy and motherhood in South Africa force many girls out of school, locking many of them into a cycle of poverty in welfare and leaving much of society stigmatized for being a teenager or being forced into early marriage.

It also carries a higher risk of maternal complications, resulting in low infant survival rates and forcing many girls to prematurely assume adult roles for which they are neither emotionally nor physically prepared.

The world is going bad and the younger generations are becoming more exposed, even at a prematured age. Parents are advised to monitor their children's movement in order to prevent them from destroying their future with their own hands.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts concerning this photo and the actions of the young man?

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