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These are SA's Top 30 GBV HOTSPOTS, Check how much your province is represented, most are townships

The devil that is Gender Based Violence is slowly but surely taking over our communities. A day does not go by without at least one report of yet another case of rape, abuse or even murder of innocent women.

South Africa is turning into place where it's becoming harder for women to live in peace and without fear. It becomes more difficult to understand when most of these people suffer horrendous treatment at the hands of their so called lovers.

Gender based violence is nothing new in this country but lately it has spiked into new heights. In the last few short years it has become a profound and widespread problem in the country. GBV impacts everyone but dureclty affects women.

GBV has become so much part of our lives and more commonplace that there is even a database detailing top 30 hitspots in SA.

It comes as no surprise that most of these locations are in townships where illeteracy concerning GBV is high. But again one does not need to be informed to know it is wrong to abuse, rape or murder another human irrespective of their gender, colour or sin.

This list gives us a clear vision of where it is most dangerous for a woman to live in SA, but be warned it does not necessarily means they are safe outside these hotspots. The list is dominated by places where the black and poor class live which tells you that a lot needs to be done to educate people, men in particular to respect and protect women.

Another thing that might help in the future but needs to be implemented immediately is a subject at primary school which teaches about the wrongs of GBV. Many things had been tried but nothing seems to work because we are trying to teach old dogs new tricks instead of sending them to jail to rot.

Instead of trying to change mindsets of adults the government should concentrate on bending them while they're young. Educate boys from a very young age that it wrong to be violent against a fellow human.

If terrorists are able to brainwash children from a very young age what's stopping us from brainwashing them against GBV? You tell.

How much is your province represented on this list? Mine, which is the EC has three entries which are as follows; 10 KwaZakhele (in Gqeberha), 13 Umtata and 29 Butterworth. Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

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