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'See 4 Countries in World where Sun never Sets & no Nights

There are four countries in the world where the sun never sets and there are never nights.

Finland and Sweden, two European nations, are among the six places in the world where the sun never sets for a specific amount of time each year.

These nations get months of sunshine, yet several of them also have periods of darkness for many days in a row during the year.

Everybody has those days when they wish the day would go on forever. Some people, though, are fortunate enough to have their desire granted.

In this article, we will discuss locations on Earth where the sun never sets. Consider the following scenario: the day never ends, and you have no idea when to sleep or when to get up.

According to the India Times, the following are the locations where the sun never sets.

1. Finland:

During the summer months, the majority of Finland's land areas do not see the sun set for a total of 73 days. During the winter, however, there is no sunshine visible in the area.

Therefore, because of the continual exposure to sunshine, people who live in those locations sleep more heavily during the winter and less heavily during the summer months.

2. Norway: 

Norway, often known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, is the only country in the world that does not see the sun set for a period of 76 days.

3. Nunavut, Canada:

Nunavut is a territory in Canada's Northwest Territories that is located approximately two degrees above the Arctic Circle. During the summer, this location receives around two months of continuous sunshine, but during the winter, this location receives approximately 30 consecutive days of complete darkness.

4. Barrow, Alaska:

From late May to late July, the sun does not set at this location, which is subsequently compensated for by the polar night, which begins at the beginning of November and lasts for 30 days during which the sun does not rise. Additionally, the country stays in complete darkness throughout the dreary, snow-covered winter months. This destination, which is known for its snow-capped mountains and mesmerizing glaciers, may be visited in either the summer or the winter.

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