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What to do if your house window is broken ?

House windows plays a significat role in our lives by allowing us to get fresh air from outside when it is hot and have a good view by looking throigh the window. Almost every house has window nowadays unlike in the olding days where people just built house using clay soil am with a grass roofing. That time of house built with clay soil there was no need for windows because people were still living in the bushes.

Windows can be damaged by many things like extreme weather conditions when the sun is too hot and later on the rain cool down the windows and end up causing cracks. Crime can also be tge cause of broken windows like when the thief try to break and get inside the house. There are many windows destroyed by thiefs trying to get inside the house. The causes are many but the ones i mentioned are the ones that are common.

First thing before you deal with a broken window you must check how far is broken and if there is still cracks continuing to cause damage. You can fix it yourself by putting the solo tape on those cracks to avoid further damage. If the crack is too large or the hole is too big to big fixed then you should consider getting a new window for once. Because trying to fix a big crack is not going to be easy and you might end up making things worse or even hurting yourself.

There are many local businesses that deal with broken windows by providing maintanance. If you think maybe your window is to damaged to be fixed by yourself then you should seek their help by contacting them to come and try to insert a new window. Every region have the companies that deal with fixing windows. Even self employed people still can do this job

For additional heavy duty protection, use duct tape or masking tape to cover the crack in the window. This will temporarily keep the damage from cracking further. The length of the clear packing tape should be longer than the crack in the glass. Be sure that both ends of the crack are covered by tape.

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