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Hawks Pounce On Prison Gang Running Multi Million Rand Scam On Men Outside Prison

The Hawks uncovered inmates with cell phones who have made profiles of police officers using their names and pictures taken from social media profiles, these officers don’t even know that this is even going on that their information is being used by the perpetrators of crimes on social media platforms and these individuals are pretending to be them.

They further retrieved a call log from an online base agency to call the victims who were extorted, it is clear that the prisoners can get together and establish an operation that is criminal in nature and that is online and they can make a lot of damage in society while locked up behind those bars.

It was further revealed that between May and August 2022, R760 000 and R560 000 had been paid into two separate accounts provided to the victims of this extortion gang. Every day there are more proofs that South Africa is a crime ridden area that is going to spend a very tough time dealing with the criminals, because they have a very relaxed way when it comes to ensuring that the perpetrators of crimes are arrested and punished according to the law.

Various smart phones were uncovered on each of the four suspects and were seized by the Hawks, there are many reasons why prisoners cannot afford to have cell phones because cell phones mean freedom and if these individuals are free to have their cell phones it means that they can continue their criminal activities inside these prisons without having any issues.

A total of 36 cell phones, nineteen 19 chargers were recovered this is showing us that the prisoners have a lot of access to these technologies, and they can manipulate the society on the outside.

These individuals were running an operation where they extorted money from men by pretending to be women online who are providing escort services, so yes it was very smart.

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