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Gauteng freeway gets closed down, this is happening here avoid this area

On Sunday the 24th of October 2021, motorists were dealt a massive blow after one major road got closed down. This meant that they had to reconsider their journeys and make use of alternative routes.

According to a message that was shared by SAfm News late in the afternoon today, the R101 had been turned into a no go area. Various news channels and media sites were issuing out traffic advisory messages as all was not well. Motorists were being advised to take alternative routes as hundreds of people from Carousel View have barricaded the busy R101 freeway. The area which was most affected is that part of the R101 which is just next to the Carousel casino near Hammanskraal north of Pretoria. The group of people which had barricaded the road are believed to be protesters. There was a high risk of motorists getting attacked as the local authorities seemed to be completely outnumbered on the scene.

An interview was done by journalists with some of the protesters as the media sort to understand what could have possibly led to the latest impasse. It was established that the group of residents who had barricaded the road are protesting against poor service delivery and water shortages. They highlighted that the leadership in the area are taking them back to the pre-1994 era.

When the nation heard of the situation and the grievances which the residents had, the most popular and reasonable suggestion stated that with the upcoming municipal elections, it would be better to vote out the current leadership. We are a few days away from elections and people should vote wisely. The protesters at times vandalise property and infrastructure and most probably vote in the same incompetent leaders who have a proven track record of failure.

It is not yet known how long these citizens are going to hold motorists at ransom.

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