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'This Is What A Nxarhuni Family Woke Up To

The family woke up to an incident where they their house is basically caught up in this situation where a tree fell on top of the roof, they were obviously were caught up in a very complicated situation where they couldn’t overcome the miner setbacks but obviously this is something that can be fixed very quickly. If they can get the necessary people to come and assist rebuilding the roof, at least the tree had fallen on top and had not injured anyone in the process.

So the authoritie’s were called to their house in order to help and they came rushing to see if they can administer some kind of assistant and also help the people out of that situation, they found out that there were no casualties in the incident which had led to a situation where their services were not needed it didn’t take a lot of.

When the incident happened the family was on the other wing of the house and they didn’t experience any of the incident it did not affect them in any way, so this was something that was pure luck because it could have easily been another incident where they had been right underneath the tree.

It had fallen on top of them, and killed them which would have been a very sad thing to have even happened to ensure that something like this can be avoided.

When the incident happened the family was fast asleep in the day didn't hear anything happen so perhaps their God was with them, and has been listening to their prayers to avoid them coming into a situation to surfer through the crisis.

This obviously happened while the family members were not expecting as the house was structurally sound, and it was just an unfortunate incident it is unclear if a lightning had struck the tree or it had just fallen.

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