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SA man Request For A Refund After Booking A Hotel Online Owned By A Nigerian National


The honest truth is that whatever the country chooses there are people who are negatively affected by a country's choice. But every decision taken needs to favour the community and the country's economy. A South African man request for a refund after finding out that the hotel he booked online is owned by Nigerian national in cape town.

Here are the opinions of concerned citizens;

why didn’t he ask before booking and why is he recording while asking for refund? South Africans will do stupid things just to trend and push agendas. With or without your money that Nigerian will survive. I mean why did he book the hotel while he has a house?

But a south African is employed in that hotel. It's obvious that the guy is asking for his refund because the Side Chick didn't show up.

I support this move 100% - Zimbabwean and Nigerian ruling political business class steal their countries money to invest it here for private use. Become rich along their white admired British Hollywood life style.

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