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Zimbabwean Thieve Stuck On A Window While Breaking Into Spar Supermarket In Jozi

South Africa is without any doubts the only country where there are more foreign nationals living in it than any other African countries, it is every African child's dream when they grow up to see themselves living in South Africa, some come intonthe country through the right ways, others, especially those from Zimbabwe, surely there are more Zimbabweans in South Africa than there is in their own country.

Some Zimbabweans are in the country with the aim of doing their best to make an honest living while others are in this country illegally and with intentions to make a living in every possible way they can, even if it means committing crime, they would do it, as long as they make a living in this country.

One Zimbabwean national ran out of luck whn he was teying to breaking into a supermarket in Johannesburg and he got stuck on the window he was trying to gain access into the Building through.

According to media reports, the man had to be rescued from the window where he was stuck by the members of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department before they took him in.

"A bugler got stuck between the steel bars on a window of a Shop while attempting to go in and steal. It is understood that the man (Zimbabwean national ) got stuck while trying to break into Spar supermarket in Bertrams near Elispark, Joburg. Metro police had to free him, but only from the bars that were holding him. He was placed under arrest immediately," The Daily Talk Online TV reports.

South Africans live in fear mostly in the big cities where there is an i flux of people from Zimbabwe, they usually come into the country through the Musina Boarder post and they tdo whatever they can to find their way to different cities to hustle life, other hustle through crime.


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