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L00k what was spotted to ANC member who is poor

Over 20 million South Africans go to bed hungry every night, without any means of survival. 


With unemployment climbing, more native South Africans are expected to lose their jobs and means of income. 


Let's play a role in helping our brothers and sisters share a meal:

If you wish to make a donation, please email [email protected], or alternatively inbox MzansiTimes on our Facebook page, or visit MzansiTimes 'About' session for more details. 


"Skills development and subsistence agriculture is the way to go. In rural areas, there's an abundance of arable land unused. Townships and urban areas are hotspots if you have the necessary skills. Jobs are never going to be enough for all of us.


Yet, when politicians steal taxpayers' money, some of them run around like headless chickens, yelling "hand off" so and so.People should start using their brains instead of being used by individual politicians who, at the end of it all, go to their luxurious homes, enjoy cosy meals and comfort, whereas they are left wallowing in poverty. People must wake up and be loyal to their own needs first, rather than to those who pretend to care about them but don't.


SA doesn't have an unemployment crisis. Did you see all the shops in Joburg have only foreigners working there? Even the jobs of kitchen girls, as we can call them, are occupied by foreigners. So now we are asking these foreigners to donate food to us. No man, let's deal with the real problem here. " A Facebook follower said



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