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Road Accident

Horrible Accident Occurred Between A Taxi & Car On N1

Taxi and car crash on N1 5km from Naboomspruit to Pretoria

At the moment it is not clear how the accident came to happen but as you can see there were two vehicles which were involved, a light motor vehicle as well as a taxi which was involved in the accident.

Members of the public who happened to be passing by just watched on the accident then they couldn’t do anything, emergency services were called to the scene in order to do everything that they could to assist the victims of the accident.

The taxi was found lying on its side and the other vehicle had overturned in this horrible high speed crash, we are still yet to receive the number of victims who are affected by it because the story is still developing.

Such incidences are often caused by recklessness and negligent driving on the road influenced by poor choices and bad cultural practices that are being done in South Africa, whereby you find alcohol being glorified and you find the incidences where motorists are even driving under the influence which creates a huge problem because when people get into accidents and die there are people who are supposed take the fall for the tragedy.

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