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Airport Worker Caught With Stolen phones, See where he kept them on his Body (Video)

As his coworkers unraveled his fabric to retrieve some large phones he robbed from Passengers Luggage, a Ghanaian migration officer was caught in the act of theft. The young but elderly man seems to have been involved in the act for a long time because he was unmoved and unremorseful when the phones were taken away from him.

One of the items that shocked a lot of people about him was how he managed to conceal too many phones without using a purse or wallet. He had already developed a special section in his shoe where he buried certain Phones as a 'Professional' in the act. He knelt down and began removing the phones one by one, some from his left foot and the others from his back.

The estimated amount of stolen phones was ten after they took all from him and counted them.

Stealing from travelers on the move is a really poor act that any transportation association must educate its representatives about. Only God knows how much suffering that Guy might have given the owners of that phone if he hadn't been arrested.

We, as staff of multiple organisations, must do a great job at satisfying her customers; rather than hurting them, we must do something that make them feel better.


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