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Here are 5 Funny signs that this man uses for begging. Opinion.

If there is one thing I admire about many South Africans, is that they will find a way to make money, no matter what they have to do. This includes begging. Which is why one South African man got creative while begging and decided to make his signs funny. So here are five of his signs that may make you laugh.

If you are cheating on your wife and he finds out, don't be scared. He won't tell her if you pay him a small fee.

Sometimes all you need is a companion to spend some time with you. He's willing to do that during a lunch date. As long as you are the one buying.

Seeing this sign you may feel sorry for him, as he claims that he's best friend stole his wife. However he is in no way trying to get her back, he's just looking for little bit of money to buy his friend a thank you card, for taking his wife of his hands.

At the end of the day all many South Africans want to do is relax with a cold beer. That's exactly what this man wants to do too, However instead of lying to you by telling you that he is going to use the money for food. He's actually giving you the whole truth.

Sometimes it's just too hard to be an adult and take care of yourself, especially with the high cost of living, that's why in this sign he is hoping to be adopted by a nice family. However if they cannot do that, he will just settle for a donation.

What do you think of his signs, are they funny or not and would you give him money if you saw him on the road. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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