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The high court ruled against mama jackie' s urgent application, this is why

South Gauteng Supreme Court heard the urgent petition of Jub Jub's mother, Ithuteng 'Mama Jackie' Mpambani. Mpambani accused Amanda DuPont and Masechaba Khumalo of defamation and argued that the case should be heard urgently. The court ruled that there was no merit in the matter being adjudicated. South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has ruled that the libel lawsuit brought by Jub Jub's mother, Ithuteng "Mama Jackie" Mpambani, against media personalities Amanda DuPont and Masechaba Khumalo should not be adjudicated urgently. 

 Mpambani urgently approached the court on Tuesday, arguing that the charges against her by DuPont and Khumalo were defamatory and put her life in danger. videos on Facebook and Instagram I attended at the Southgate Mall in Southgate, south of Johannesburg," Mpambani said in his court documents. 

 “As I was about to enter the store, a stranger shouted at me that I was a witch. Very soon, a crowd gathered, shouting at me that I had charmed first responders, that my son wouldn't go to jail because I was a witch, and gradually became more aggressive to the point of I have to run to my car and go”. she added. will be able to be resolved once the case has been heard by an ordinary court and investigated by the police. 

 The judge added that issuing a state of emergency would be like a gag order. 

 DuPont posted an emotional 17-minute video on its Instagram page. 

 Earlier this month, she accused Jub Jub, whose real name is Molemo Maarohanye, of raping her for two years while they were in love. 

 She said she could not comment on the alleged rape at the time because she was afraid of her mother, who she said used muti. In her papers, Mpambani asked the court to ban DuPont from making allegations in the media, other people or media platforms that she used muti or witchcraft and that DuPont was raped during Her house. She argued that according to the DuPont video her life was in danger. 

 After DuPont's video, Khumalo announced on social media that she had been raped at Mpambani's house. 

 Mpambani wants the court to order Khumalo to remove the post. 

 During a virtual hearing attended by more than 300 people, including DuPont and Khumalo, Mpambani's attorney Vicky Olivier said they are asking the court to ask DuPont to remove parts of the video that mention Mpambani. Plaintiff (Mpambani) is the sole party in these proceedings. She is not acting on behalf of anyone else. She did not make the request on behalf of her son, Molemo, and any reference to the degree of urgency concerns her. It needs to be very clear that the applicant is only asking for urgent correction to remove any references to her and any other claims made in the message or video,” argued Oliver. 

 In response to this, lawyer Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, who represents DuPont and Khumalo, said Jub Jub, Mpambani's son would be a direct beneficiary if the court grants Mpambani what she is asking for because of him. I am a rape defendant. Olivier testified in court that DuPont accused his client of being witches and using muti, which put his life in danger.444 She argued that in African culture, stereotypes such as such This led to members of the community killing women. 

 Attached to his argument was an article about a woman murdered by the community after being accused of being a witch. 

 In response to this, Ngcukaitobi pointed out that there was no point in his statement that DuPont said that Mpambani used witchcraft and said it was a self-described description of Mpambani II, the submitter's stepson. The applicant stated that a person, Kelly Khumalo, used muti to lure her away from Ms. DuPont and that the Applicant himself told her so. In other words, it was Mr. Maarohanye who said my mother told me that Mrs. Khumalo was using muti," he said.

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