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Road Accident

WATCH| Three Men That Were Killed By Lightning Made This Horrible Mistake



Many people do not know that it is dangerous to take cover under a tree when there is lightning. Most victims who were struck by lightning were wearing wet clothes and were either under a tree or inside an unearthed house.

In the olden days, people were advised to cover all mirrors, not to touch water, switch off the television, and not be on the phone when there is thunder and lightning. However, most people choose to ignore such teachings and they end up being struck and killed by lightning.


In a video that has gone viral, three men were taking cover under a tree as they tried to hide from the rain. Sadly, because there was lightning, the trio was all struck and they were all killed instantly. It is not yet clear where the incident took place and the identity of the victims has not been revealed.


Public's Opinion

Many people believe that the area where the trio was struck should be cleansed. They add that the lightning leaves its mark buried in the soil which should be uprooted to prevent more people from being struck by lightning at the same spot now and then.

Author's Opinion

The fact is, electricity finds anything to travel through to the ground which is why buildings have earth spikes. Also, water is a poor conductor of electricity, hence most victims who wear wearing wet clothes on an open land were not spared by the thunderstorm.

Pedestrians should use lightning resistant umbrellas made of graphite.

It is safer to be in the car due to the rubber in the wheels that insilulates the car from the worst.

Being indoors is not an indication that people are safe from lightning especially if they take a shower or wash dishes. Contact with water should be avoided at all costs.

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