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Watch: Giyani Residents In Limpopo Loot A Beer Truck


The looting culture in South Africa is refusing to be eliminated easily, as people always find an opportunity to loot whenever there's an accident or traffic jam instead of helping those affected.

Giyani residents in Limpopo province went on a looting spree when they raided a beer truck taking as much as their two hands could carry.

In the video, some people were seen running to take their share and going back for the second time before the truck started moving. It was however too late as most of the stock was looted.

Many people may not agree, but South Africans have a looting problem starting with top politicians and cascading down to the ordinary citizen. This culture is shameful and should never be applauded for by any rational being who likes to see citizens behaving in appropriate manner.

This looting incident happened also a few days after two pilots who crashed with a light aircraft were robbed of their belongings while they were calling for help. This is shameful, and the earlier people start condemning this looting tendency the better.

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