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Check out men who disappointed the country after sharing picture on social media


It is ok to play around as boys but these days men are taking it too far. A picture has left social media users disappointed. After seeing the behavior of men these days on the internet. These men on the picture are seen wearing women undies, as though there is something to be proud of.

They walked the streets and took images to share in social media for fun. Both borrowed their grannies outfits and played around on the streets as though they are women. Their behavior left men holding their heads after viewing these two guys. Playing around and making jokes about something that disappoints men.

Instead of getting applause from people they were actually bashed for doing this on the internet. Viewers noticed that these guys are actually not playing but trying to expose themselves. Also destroying the mentality of the upcoming youth. Older people are trying hard to end this act of playing women. But our society is slowly experimenting how it feels to be a women. The act is slowly taking its tall on social media. Causing upcoming generation to forget who they actually are.

Would you say this guys are making jokes or failing the country. Leave your comment and share the article.

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