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Priest jailed for murdering albino man sell body parts on the black market

A priest has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for killing an albino man so his body parts could be sold on the black market. According to reports the priest had planned to traffic parts of the body, the deceased is identified as Thomas Muhosha age 22. He was killed because people have this belief that body parts bring wealth.

The suspects took advantage of the deceased need for love,they lured him into believeing that he had found a wife for him and that they should go meet her, unfortunately for the deceased it was a trap.

A total of 12 suspects were arrested for the killing of Thomas. This types of killing are more common than you know over 40 people living with albinism have been murdered. All because of a belief that have never been proven to be true, they are just bed time stories that are used to scare kids.

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Thomas Thomas Muhosha


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