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Home Affairs Office Allegedly Deserted As All The Staff Leave For Lunch At The Same Time

A visitor to the Home Affairs office said that she was embarrassed today because people who went Home Affairs office for various documents were left stranded for hours because all the staff attending to people went for lunch at the same time, leaving the office empty. The lady posted the pictures of the deserted office on Twitter, “Home affairs no one to assist us because they all went for lunch. Satafrika”. Recall that many South Africans have long been complaining about Home Affairs officers and workers, saying that most of them are incompetent, while a larger percentage are engrossed in corruption. Furthermore, they lamented that Home Affairs officers always turn blind eyes to the issue of illegal immigrants.

Many people who are reacting to the picture said that the officers on duty should be sanctioned for leaving for lunch at the same time, leaving the office blank without anyone to attend to those seeking help from the commission. They noted that it is quite right for them to have break, but they ought to rotate it so that the office will not be completely deserted or empty. Another person wrote, “There needs to be a rotation, they can't all go to Lunch at the same damn time and leave the desks unattended, that's the most ghetto ish I've ever seen. Last week my little sister and bro went there to make ID's, they got there 7am on the queue no:13 and 14, but only 3 people were helped the whole day”. It was a war of words on Twitter as people begin to imagine the height of insubordination in the country. Another person pointed out, “We never used to experience this nonsense before '94, all staff going on tea/lunch at once, they used to rotate. You would never even be aware of it. But after '94, they all go at once. It's even worse at clinics and hospitals, they don't give a damn whether patients are in pain”.

Many people are recollecting their various experiences in the Home Affairs office. They said that they are often stranded for hours in their offices without people attending to them. Regarding this, a Twitter user said, “The problem is not the stuff, it's the management. Management should arrange the lunch and tea breaks in a way that there's always someone available on the floor to assist people. Sadly, the culture of inefficiency in most of our public service institutions runs deep. It's failing the people and no one is doing anything about it. Standing in long cues for hours has become a norm,

I guess the public sector's performance management system is a hell of a joke”. 

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