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The Andes Pedro Alonso Lopez. A Man Who Travelled Just To Kill Women. His reason will blow your mind

Pedro Alonso López, a Colombian chronic executioner, kid molester, and necrophile who killed somewhere around 110 little kids somewhere in the range of 1969 and 1980 and professed to have killed more than 350 casualties across Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, was brought into the world on October 8, 1948.

His whereabouts are obscure subsequent to being set free from a Colombian refuge in 1998. Beside unsupported neighborhood reports, Ron Laytner, a longstanding independent photojournalist who talked with López in his Ambato jail cell in 1980, is attributed with carrying López' s monstrosities to worldwide unmistakable quality.

Pedro López, named " The Monster of the Andes, " was sentenced for rape and grab yet that was just the start of his horrifying deeds. As he ventured across South America from Peru to Ecuador to his local Colombia, López is associated with killing more than 300 ladies and young ladies, in some cases a few consistently. López' s inclinations were uncovered before in life when he was ousted from his family for attacking his sister.

Things improved for López in the city, where he was attacked, raped, and mishandled by non-permanent parents, instructors, and, subsequent to being captured, different prisoners. He moved his consideration regarding the youthful and powerless after he was liberated from his aggressors, a few of whom he killed. As indicated by the Sword and Scale web recording, López was nearly killed by clan leaders in Peru in 1978, however was saved by a teacher and escaped to Colombia, where he proceeded with his lawbreaker profession. At the point when the assortments of four youngsters were recuperated in Ecuador, he was secured.

In Ecuador alone, he confessed to raping and killing 110 casualties, the majority of whom were little youngsters between the ages of seven and twelve. He additionally confessed to being liable for the passings of 240 teen young ladies in Peru and Colombia. He was condemned to the most extreme punishment approved by Ecuadorian regulation at the time which was16 years in priso however was delivered following 14 years for appropriate conduct. He was hence ousted to Colombia, where he was focused on a mental office, where he was viewed as rational after just four years and delivered on $50 bond. His current area is obscure.


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