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A Mother Living In A Shack left People In Tears After Doing This For Her Daugher

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We probably all have stories about the struggles that we had growing up and we still probably have even today.

Most people have struggled to finance their matric dances and they ended up not attending them.

It seems like one mother could not allow her daughter not to attend her first and last matric dance no matter the situation she was facing at home.

There have been photos circulating around social media whereby an older lady was standing next to her daughter as she was going to attend her matric dance.

It seems like the family are not in a very favourable financial condition but the mother wanted her daughter to go and attend the matric dance.

This is a very touching and inspiring story to many people out there who may be going through the same and similar situation.

People have also shared very touching and nice messages to this young girl and her mother.

These are all the inspiring stories that we should look up to every day of our lives.

Kabelo Motha also shared the picture on his Facebook account which shows that this is indeed inspiring.

There are people who also shared very bad comments about the picture above and they said all different things.

One of the things that they mentioned is that some people are living to impress the public even if they are struggling.

That is one of the unfortunate comments that people shared and I am totally against it.


Children or young adults are made happy by very little things.

Even if you do not have money to take out your child to a matric dance but just buying him/her a gift will make them very happy.

We should not be feared by what society is saying but we should strive for what makes us happy.

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Kabelo Motha


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