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Heartbreaking: The mother uses Child grant to play cards whereas kids live in this Condition(PHOTOS)


The department of social development has received numerous complaints from different people regarding mothers who receive social grants for their children, but instead of using the ground for the benefit of the children, they prefer to use it for their own benefit or misuse the money with the aim of getting a lot from it. By doing so, several mothers have been rumored to be using children's grants for gambling, and others have been utilizing them for pyramid schemes to earn quick money.

As a result, since gambling is a gamble, there's no guarantee that one will acquire money or win. Many women find themselves losing their grant money for children, which results in children living in poverty and having no food where they got their money, which is meant to support them with food and educational materials.

An independent news publication in Venda has stated that a mother from a village named Dzimauli has been reportedly using her children's grants to play cards as a sort of gambling to acquire money. As a result, she ends up ignoring home tasks, leaving the kids to live in an unhealthy and messy atmosphere. The woman doesn't have time to clean up and it will give her children a good environment, but she uses the time to bet with the same money that is meant to support them.

It may be seen in the photographs above, but the kids are living in a horrific condition. The place is untidy to a point where one could query that if the place is accepting people. People are really concerned and are demanding that the mother be reported for social development and that stern punishment be done against her for utilizing the children's grant for their own reasons.

What are your thoughts on the mother and the living condition of the kids? Drop your comments below.

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