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Two rich people who killed in their expensive cars

41 years old Thandeka Nombanjinji-Nzama, was ambushed and killed with his 21-year-old female passenger Gugulethu Khubeka from Duduza, on the East Rand,Nzama was a business person and husband of one of SA’s prominent entrepreneurs.

Currently they didn't arrest any suspect,but they believe that the Community will help them to arrest whoever that is responsible for this accident,the shocking thing is that this is not the first time happen this year last month it happen at Diepsloot.

South African forex trader, trading coach and founder of VMJ Forex education, VMJ Forex have reportedly passed away. VMJ was reported to have died on Wednesday , 14 2021. He has been shot several times inside with his car with another lady that he was traveling with, it is very painful because he has a lot of things he was still planning to achieve.

It is really sad that both young men killed for a women, they has everything but they just decided to involve they self with a wrong women, remember sometimes people they can't control their self when they discover that their partners are cheating for them,it is very easy for people to say whatever they want but cheating is wrong especially when you are married.

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